Tuesday, November 9, 2010

farvel sut!

On campus, here at the University of Minnesota we have a shoe tree. In Denmark there are Pacifier Trees. All year round the tree is decorated by small children who give up their baby pacifiers and donate them to the tree. Sounds almost too adorable to be true! When the children give up their pacifier, the pacifier fairy gives them a special gift. In Denmark this is a year long tradition, marking the milestone when a child turns three. 
This is no easy right-of-passage for these toddlers. To ease the pain many parents make this giving-up-day special by taking their toddlers to Frederiksberg Gardens or other places, where they have pacifier trees.
Usually the children attach some small, personal and touching letters to their pacifiers when they hang them on the tree.

See here how Ida, Isak, Nikoline, and Lucas expressed their feelings when parting with their beloved pacifiers…

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