Monday, October 25, 2010


      New to the advertising world is TyveTi, an advertising agency based out of Copenhagen. Working on self promotion they have created a cleverly designed personal website. The simplicity of the page is appealing and well balanced. The interactive aspects are quirky and effective. Rolling over the two people and getting their job descriptions, "creative" and "everything else" (ha!) is a neat touch. Another good use of design is the radio that when clicked on talks about the agency. They describe themselves as "Small and energetic advertising agency. Thinking, living and working in TwentyTen." 

Nicely done TyveTi!

rasmus koch- godt design

Rasmus Koch Studio

Danish designer Rasmus Koch has a broad collection of awesome and varied graphic design in his portfolio. Since April 2001, Rasmus set up Rasmus Koch Studio in Copenhagen. He has, among many other assignments, created the corporate identity for such prominent clients as Gyldendal—the oldest and largest publishing company in Denmark, The Danish Film Institute and the Information Centre of Danish Crafts.

His simplistic design is eye-catching and powerful without being overwrought. 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

reading on the go

Books are often a problem for those on the move; they are heavy. Danish Architect David Garcia solves the problem with his Archive II circular library that lets the reader walk away with half a ton of books.

Archive I  "is a weight balance library,the readers chair is elevated in proportion to the amount of books in the shelves." They were exhibited at the Danish Art Academy in 2005.
David writes:
The average reader can read about 240 words per minute. A 300 page book normally takes 9 hours to read, non stop. I you read while you walk, you can read a book in about 43 kilometers. If you read and walk, watch out for traffic.


Tom Fruin’s kolonihavehus sculpture brings a burst of color to Copenhagen’s Royal Danish Library plaza. Constructed of a thousand pieces of found plexiglass and steel framing, the fantastic structure resembles a 3D stained glass window.

I'd like to read a book in there! 

Biking in Sværtegade

Copenhagen Street Style is a blog that captures the best in young fashion on the streets of Denmark. Stalking is stylish here.

Biking in Denmark is super chic as is her three quarters length jacket with a long sleeved shirt underneath. The dark heavy layers make her unique glasses pop. Also, I like her bun, simple and very Scandinavian.

i know its for the boys but...

       Norse Projects, established in 2004 in Copenhagen, Denmark was created with the goal of being a truly international shop in Denmark combining: street, classic workwear and fashion culture. Today Norse Projects is widely recognized as one of Copenhagen’s finest shops. Quality Danish design made with an international market in mind has made the project into a success. 

A great example of danish graphic design, simple and clean.

Now, if only they had some stuff for the girls. I'd still go for these beauties though. 

backpack: norse x ally capellino raincoat: norse x elka

and they have great t-shirts too!

A few of my favorite danish bloggers have joined the "underwerket" group. It's neat to think of such a creative group getting together. The spiffy t-shirts are a bonus too. 

UNDERWERKET PROJECTS is an art and design laboratory based in The Meat Packing District in Copenhagen. We are hosting talks, lectures and exhibitions in our studio. We want to interact and share inspiration with other designers and artists and therefore we started up this forum. UNDERWERKET PROJECTS is run by Artist and fashion illustrator LISA GRUE ( and Graphic designer LAURA TERP HANSEN (

In love with this wall idea at their office as well.