Tuesday, November 9, 2010

jeg elsker mode

Jeg elsker mode (I love fashion) is a popular danish magazine, blog and website
In their "om" (about) section they sum up what they are all about, their mission and general idea very well- so I'll leave it to them:

"ABOUT JEGELSKERMODE.DK Jegelskermode.dk is an online fashion universe that focuses on Scandinavian and international fashion items. For us, fashion is an individual perception and interpretation. Whether you're a designer, model, photographer, stylist, or simply a normal fashion interested person, it is entirely up to you to inspire your interpretation of fashion. We intended to gather news, opinions, views and style in a fashion portal where everyone can participate. Create your personal fashion blog and share your exciting life-operated with others or if you already have your own, you can upload it and share your interest.
MAGAZINE JEGELSKERMODE Every month we publish an online fashion magazine for free in conjunction with online shop Byflou and interested fashion writers and bloggers. The goal is that it is you as bloggers and interested to create content, therefore it depends on your articles and stories. Do you have a review or an exciting topic, please send content or idea to the editors at info@jegelskermode.dk.VISION AND MISSION Jegelskermode.dk is today an online fashion portal, how we develop depends entirely up to use clean, so we are very grateful to get your feedback and constructive suggestions for improvements. Being able to give people an opportunity to share their interest in fashion and be inspired by others, our mission."

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